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We love working with entrepreneurial lawyers to help them scale their law firms from six to seven figures.  

To determine if the 12 month Scale Up programme is the right fit for your law firm we will discuss your firm's needs during a Scale Session.  

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What entrepreneurial lawyers are saying

"The scale your law firm framework Claudia teaches is easy to understand and full of value for lawyers who want to use their website to serve and sell online. Her experience with scaling her own firm online means that she understands the very real challenges lawyers face and how to turn them into opportunities to grow and scale law firms." Clarissa Rayward, The Happy Family Lawyer

"Since starting my own law firm a couple of years ago, I have grappled with my dependence on referrals and other ‘traditional’ methods of obtaining new clients, and time I have to spend just keeping up. However, I was also sceptical of the ability to transform the way I work and find ways to generate revenue via online. It is now that I am implementing Claudia’s 9 step framework she teaches that I’m making huge leaps in clarifying how I can generate real income via online services, and what’s really possible for me and my ideal clients. Claudia’s pioneering success in this area means every lesson is one she learned in the real world, including the mistakes and wins that I am now using to accelerate my own online solution. Claudia has such a way of delivering her content that you can’t but help be inspired by her. And for me, the results are coming quickly." Martin Richardson, Corvus Group