Winning Website: A 6 week programme to turn your law firm’s website into a new client machine.

Winning Website

A 6 week programme to turn your law firm’s website into a new client machine.

  • How empowered would you feel knowing you had a way to get new clients that you could truly rely on? 
  • How awesome would it be if you could repeatedly get new clients...even while you’re on holiday?  
  • And those clients are your ideal clients…. 
  • Who you love working with… 
  • And the cost of getting those clients is well within your marketing budget….  

If you missed my recent webinar, I shared that I will be working with a small group of lawyers for 6 weeks starting on 24 June 2019 to coach them through creating a repeatable process to attract their ideal clients and convert them into paying clients. The programme is called Winning Website. 

What is Winning Website?

It’s a live, online 6 week programme for lawyers who want to use their firm’s website to attract new clients. During this course I will teach you the Winning Website Method™ I’ve developed - this is a 9 step framework to create a repeatable, reliable way to get new clients for your law firm using your firm’s website. You will learn how to capitalise on your firm’s brand to captivate your ideal clients and convert them into paying clients. You will also discover how to turn your existing website into a Winning Website. This is the process I used to get 4,000+ clients at my law firm in 3 years.  

How does it work?

Each week, we'll focus on 1-2 of the Winning Website strategies. Then, we'll get together as a group every week to talk about it and brainstorm specific wording and strategy for YOUR law you can put it into action and report on your results. I really want to create some great case studies from this, so my team and I will be spending time in the Facebook Group answering your questions and providing support to make sure we maximise your results. If you are ready to be supported by a community full of entrepreneurial lawyers, join Winning Website now for 50% off — I am testing out some new ways of delivering this programme, and that is why it is discounted this one time.


What is the course outline?

The Winning Website outline: 

Week 1: Narrow your niche and explain the pain Week 2: Work your website and rave about results Week 3: Tell your target Week 4: Fill your funnel Week 5: Clarify your call-to-action and automate your ask Week 6: Sort your systems 

What do you get?

Here's everything that is included in the program:

  •  6 LIVE workshops with Q&A: These workshops will be taught live via Zoom by me and my team, every week for 6 weeks. 
  • 6 action-packed workbooks: Every workshop comes with a workbook with action steps, worksheets, and templates.
  • 6 group coaching sessions: Every week we will also get together for a coaching session where you will have the option to be coached on your website and marketing questions, copy struggles, and mindset matters.  
  • Actual feedback: Each week you will have the opportunity to submit your work to us for review and provide feedback so you know you are on the right track and can confidently move forward.
  • Private Facebook community: Once you’re in you’ll be added to our private FB community where you will have access to me plus your fellow Winning Website members. 
  • Get 6 CPD points
  • BONUS - free 3 month Automio subscription (worth $1,197): explore the world of legal bots to see how you could use one with your firm’s Winning Website. 

When do we start?

This offer expires at 5pm AEST / 7pm NZT on 24 May 2019. Class begins the week of 24 June 2019. A number of spots have already been taken - we only have a few spots remaining. Move quickly!  

What does it cost?

The price for Winning Website is: One payment: $1,500 including GST. Payment plan: 3 x payments of $600 including GST  


Next steps: 

Reserve your spot in Winning Website by using these links:

Sign up (one payment of $1,500) Sign up (three payments of $600) 

You’ll then get a welcome email with all the details plus access to the Facebook community.

"The scale your law firm framework Claudia teaches is easy to understand and full of value for lawyers who want to use their website to serve and sell online. Her experience with scaling her own firm online means that she understands the very real challenges lawyers face and how to turn them into opportunities to grow and scale law firms." 

Clarissa Rayward, The Happy Family Lawyer

"Since starting my own law firm a couple of years ago, I have grappled with my dependence on referrals and other ‘traditional’ methods of obtaining new clients, and time I have to spend just keeping up. However, I was also sceptical of the ability to transform the way I work and find ways to generate revenue via online.  

It is now that I am working with Claudia in her Scale Up online programme, I’m making huge leaps in clarifying how I can generate real income via online services, and what’s really possible for me and my ideal clients. Claudia’s pioneering success in this area means every lesson is one she learned in the real world, including the mistakes and wins that I am now using to accelerate my own online solution. Claudia has such a way of delivering her programme that you can’t but help be inspired by her, and the small group makes it easy to get as much feedback as you need. And for me, the results are coming quickly. As Claudia says ‘people don’t buy ideas, they buy systems’. Her program will be a system you love."

Martin Richardson, Corvus Group

Hey there, I'm Claudia King.

Thanks for visiting - I’d love for you to join me for this online course. Let me introduce myself as there’s a good chance we have some things in common. 

Up until nearly 2 years ago, I was a lawyer like you for 11 years. After becoming a law firm director I was exhausted from the constant pressure of the billable hour - while trying to grow my client base, raise my kids, and keep my marriage and sanity in check. I wanted to find a way to get new clients without the constant coffees and lunches, attending networking events, and being on boards and committees to demonstrate my skills and build relationships with work referrers and potential clients. This drove me to launch New Zealand’s first online legal service, Legal Beagle. During just a few years we served 4,000+ clients. 95% of these clients came to us through repeatable digital marketing aimed at our ideal clients. Through this work, my team and I have some of the best experience in this part of the world with the digital marketing of legal services.  

I’m super excited to share with you what I’ve learned along the way in this course.  

Claudia King

Winning Website begins in:


Starts Monday 24 June 2019